By Dr. Temeka Zore

I think it’s so important to discuss goals when embarking on fertility treatments and with a new year comes new cycles.

Yes, the number one goal is to get you pregnant, but how we go about achieving that can vary by individual.

First, as a physician I want my patients to remain hopeful and positive when they embark on new treatment cycles. I know that is a lot easier said than done, especially for those who have been through cycles in the past with no success. But, I think having a positive outlook is so important during a new treatment cycle. Remember that each cycle is unique and just because you didn’t have success with a prior cycle doesn’t mean your outcome can’t change with a new cycle.

Second, I think it is so important to have a realistic expectation of your current fertility and what to expect during a new cycle. I think this will help minimize anger or frustration if things do not go the way initially envisioned. If you had your fertility checked a few years ago, depending on your age, your fertility may have dramatically changed. It’s important to know that information upfront!

Similarly, make sure you know the statistics regarding fertility treatment. There is no treatment that has a 100% success rate of pregnancy. I think understanding the success rates of all of the different treatment options is key to managing expectations for each new cycle. Additionally, know that each individual woman is different and you can’t compare yourself to your best friend or coworker or celebrity. Everything must be individualized.

Know when it’s time to move on to the next option. It’s disheartening when several of the same testament options don’t work but try to take that as an opportunity to know you have another option that may work for you!

Finally, make sure to find a fertility doctor that you connect with. Going through the fertility process is an emotional, time consuming, and financially demanding process. Find a physician and a clinic that you connect with and that you are happy at because you will be spending A LOT of your time there as you go through your treatment cycles. I guarantee there is a doctor and clinic out there for everyone’s needs!