By Dr. Raquel Hammonds

The human body is complex and, at times, confusing. There are new studies coming out daily (or maybe it just feels that way) about how what you eat impacts every single aspect of your health. Including your reproductive system. 

We turned to one of our most unique experts, Dr. Raquel Hammonds, to help breakdown this onslaught of information into more – shall we say – digestible action items. 

Why is it so important to ensure that your body is prepared for a new cycle

It is my gut-belief, that the key to a healthy pregnancy is a healthy body, now. The basis of Naturopathic Medicine is to create the conditions for health—this means, creating an internal environment that honors your journey from the root.

There are many foods that people really only eat around the holidays, which makes it hard to focus on nutrition. What are some good rules of thumb patients should follow?

Presence with Intention. Willpower, like our biceps, is a muscle! Often times, we get so stuck in a routine of —“Gluten Free-Dairy Free-OMG, no Carbs”— that we forget that there are times when it’s okay to indulge. The trick is to have the cookie—but, begin again. A quick rule of thumb around the holidays is to fill your plate with a protein source and as many vegetables as possible. After your meal, consume a full glass of water. Now—look at the deserts. Now that you’ve given your body what it needs, you are now in complete control of how you consume your favorite holiday treats.


The gut microbiome is getting a lot of attention these days. Can you explain a bit more about what role the biome plays in fertility for both men and women?

Healing fertility issues MUST begin in the gut. MUST. Most doctors do not explore gut issues as a possible cause of infertility yet 80% of Fertility Patients deal with GI Dysfunction like, SIBO/IBS/IBD/Crohn’s, etc. The intestines contain over 100 trillion bacteria. These bacteria protect our health. Intestinal bacteria, also known as gut flora plays many important roles in protecting us from many health problems—including Fertility. Often times, there is an underlying imbalance of healthy bacteria-vs-unhealthy bacteria, yeast and fungi populating our gut—creating dysbiois. This dysbiosis creates a cycle of inflammation that affects sperm quality, egg maturation, and embryonic implantation. In order to optimize your chances at conception, you must be sure to optimize gut function by exploring underlying imbalances and including both prebiotics + probiotics in your natural fertility plan.


Your clinic is one of the first – if not the first – to offer specilized IV Therapy for fertility and reproductive health as an option for those trying to conceive. However, for those not in southern California or those looking to travel to your clinic in Mexico, this might not be available under the supervision of a reproductive specialist.  Are there ways for those patients to see similar results with other methods?

Yes, of course! Our Infusions at our Beverly Hills office are the first to optimize sperm and egg maturation and quality. I created a blend of nutrients that are specifically designed to improve reproductive function but also to rid of bodies of any accumulated toxins or oxidative stress both eggs and sperm may encounter. This same protocol is available through our Fertility Packages. Through our Comprehensive Lab Testing, we are able to identify micronutrient deficiencies, gut imbalances and heavy metal exposure and design a specific plan, individualized to your specific needs. After a thorough investigation, we provide nutritional and supplement plans as alternatives to IV therapy.


Additionally, for those with a medspa in their area offering IV Therapy what are some questions they should be sure to ask before making an appointment?

This is huge! Often times, IV Clinics use pre-made mixtures. It is so important to ensure that their infusions are formulated in-office and tailored to your individual needs. Most clinics will say they can’t tell you but if your infusion has a brand name that isn’t clear—you have a right to ask what ingredients are included. Infusions are an amazing alternative to supplements because they bypass the gut and get straight into the bloodstream—because of this, you want to make sure that you are receiving the highest quality nutrients possible!


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